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        State of the CMO 2019

        CMO’s State of the CMO is an annual industry research initiative aimed at understanding how ...

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        Conversations over a cuppa with CMO: The Star's George Hughes

        It's been an incredibly tough three months for the Star as it shut its doors and stood down staff in response to the COVID-19 lockdown. Yet innovation has shone through, and if the CMO, George Hughes, has anything to say about it, such lateral thinking will continue as we start to recover from the crisis.

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        We would like to invite you to the Virtual Exhibition about IoT Trends in 2020, 7 - 9 July, organised by Must.We developed a new B2B matc...


        Want to master digital transformation? Stop thinking about your own problems

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        We have been trying to help our clients through this time. I think the important thing is clear communication! We also created some check...

        Erin Payne

        Is COVID-19 the right time for a positive marketing campaign?

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        Very good article Sagar. Congrats! It's exactly what we are doing at Dafiti and it's very important have you close to us into this journey.

        Roosevelt Junior

        Making Your Organisation Data-Driven [MYOD] - Data-driven marketing - CMO Australia

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        Corporates should be innovating to stay relevant and disrupt the market and collaborating with startups is easily the best way to go for ...


        How your company can innovate its way through the COVID-19 crisis

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        Very welll written Sagar and gives an excellent overview for data strategy for an orgaanization!

        Ritvik Dhupkar

        Making Your Organisation Data-Driven [MYOD] - Data-driven marketing - CMO Australia

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        Blog Posts

        Bottoms up: Lockdown lessons for an inverted marketing world

        The effects of the coronavirus slammed the brakes on retail sales in pubs, clubs and restaurants. Fever-Tree’s Australia GM Andy Gaunt explains what they have learnt from some tricky months of trading

        Andy Gaunt

        General manager, Fever-Tree Australia and New Zealand

        Younger demos thought lost are now found: But what about the missing money?

        There is much talk about what VOZ will bring to the media industry. New ways to slice and dice audiences and segments. A clearer understanding of screen consumption. Even new ways to plan and buy. The most interesting result could be ?nding something many thought we lost - younger viewers, speci?cally the valuable 18-39s.

        Michael Stanford

        Head of 10 Imagine and national creative director, Network 10

        Making Your Organisation Data-Driven [MYOD]

        A practical framework with tough questions-to-ask on how to make your organisation data-driven and enable smarter decisions in these tough times

        Kshira Saagar

        Group director of data science, Global Fashion Group

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